My Take on… Cover Her Face

Book Reviews

This is not my first P.D. James mystery nor will it be my last. In Cover Her Face, P.D. James has created an interesting murder mystery with so many suspects that it is hard to be quite sure who did it in this who done it. However, the cool Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh has things under control.

The Maxie’s have hired an assistant maid, Sally Jupp, recommended by Miss Liddell at a dinner party. Miss Liddell runs St. Mary’s Refuge, a home for girls like Sally who are with child. Sally and her baby, Jimmy, move in and Sally starts helping Martha, the Maxie’s maid. Martha is not too keen to have Sally around nor are Deborah Maxie or house guest, Catherine Bowers, who has her eye on Deborah’s brother Stephen. Sally seemed no trouble at first, however , things become uncomfortable and then Sally is found dead. Cheif Inspector Dalgliesh is called to the Maxie house to solve the murder. Could it be someone in the home or did someone from outside make their way inside? It seems Sally has her fair share of enemies and so the mystery begins.

Care to find out more? Read Cover Her Face to find out who did it. It is a worthwhile read and is the first in the Dalgliesh series by P.D. James. Happy Reading.

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