Lazy Day Garlic Preparation


Dicing a lot of garlic at once can be a bit time consuming. In these instances, I sometimes cheat and get out my Sur La Table Garlic Press. It is my lazy day way to dice garlic.

Put slices of garlic in, push down and the garlic comes out in removable tray diced and ready to use.

The Sur La Table Garlic Press works like a garlic guillotine. Slice the garlic in layers and put it on the press, push down and the garlic is diced and ready to be used. The garlic press works best if the garlic is sliced before pressing. Since I’ve bought mine, they now sell a version that not only dices but slices as well.

New Version: Sur La Table XL – Slices and Dices

Another tip about garlic…to get the skin off easier simply put the garlic down on a cutting board and push down gently with the palm of your hand to crush the garlic slightly. This loosens the skin and is easier to get off. Happy cooking!

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