Visions for a New Year


The new year is a good way to kick old habits, de-clutter, and start a-new. This is always the intention but it is easier said than done. Things usually start out great but then…

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to start making changes, however, they are seldom followed through. A modern take on the resolution is to make a vision board. Vision boards are great because they are meant to be looked at on a daily basis. The idea being that if goals are looked at every day they will be easier to obtain and less likely to be forgotten and ignored.

Vision boards can be filled with items to save up to buy (like a new car, bike, purse, house), goals to work on (like health, fitness, attitude), places to visit (like a vacation, weekend getaway, day-trip), things to learn (like learning a language, how to play an instrument), things that need to be done (like cleaning out that spare room, finishing the yard, making a beautiful garden), self- improvement and helping others (like volunteering, helping those in need, meditation, donating), and the list goes on… Vision boards are unique to each person who is creating the board. No two boards will be alike because everyone has their own vision.

Vision boards can be created by cutting out pictures of the visions to be achieved and tacking them to a cork board or gluing them to a poster board. They can also be created on the computer in a Word document if magazines are not accessible to cut into. However this is done, it should be done with pictures that represent the goals in mind. The idea is to look at the picture and be reminded of the goal.

After it is completed, the vision board should be hung in a place where it will be seen on a daily basis. The wall in front of a desk for instance. It can also be put in a binder/journal if it will be used and opened daily. This is for an organized/dedicated sort of person because for some, the binder/journal would mean out of sight out of mind and it would never be opened. However, for people who like to make daily lists this could work if they used the same binder/journal for their list making.

Here are a few examples of vision boards…

Happy New Year!

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