Little Changes in Teeth Care Can Make a Big Difference


Last time I visited the dentist I had a new dental hygienist. She seemed to love her job and liked talking about improvements that could be made as far as teeth care. She gave me the simplest tip that I did not think could possibly make a difference and yet it made all the difference in the world. She is now my go to hygienist.

I did not like that feeling of tartar build-up that develops between visits. I have an electric toothbrush and this helps but not completely. To solve this problem my hygienist recommended I brush my teeth with toothpaste as normal and then dry brush. Dry brushing, she explained, is when you rinse your toothbrush and mouth of all toothpaste and brush again for a minute or so. That’s it! That little tip has made my teeth feel just as clean as when I left the dentist’s office six months ago.

I had my six month appointment yesterday and told the hygienist I followed her advise with the dry brushing and loved the results. She checked my teeth and agreed that the difference was visible. Less build-up, which made for an easier cleaning.

So, for cleaner teeth, why not give dry brushing a try. Oh…and don’t forget to floss. Happy Smiling!

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