Day Trip to Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach, California is a little slice of paradise. Not only are it’s beaches beautiful, but the art is not too shabby either. Laguna Beach is known for it’s art festivals. It’s also a nice place to take in the shops and art galleries that line the streets.

Of course, all that looking around is enough to work up an appetite. Stop for a bite to eat at an outdoor cafe or if a sweet is needed, there is ice cream and chocolates. One shop even carries one of my favorite things…frozen chocolate bananas. Oh my!

La Rue du Chocolat

A must see for art lovers is the Laguna Art Museum. This cozy museum had wonderful exhibits on display while we were there. I thoroughly enjoyed the etchings by Mildred Bryant Brooks and the paintings by Thomas Hunt. One unique thing about this museum is that it displays art only by California artists or art representing the state of California. The museum shop also was most impressive in the selection of books available for purchase as well as jewelry and other items.

Another must see is the ‘Pirate Tower’ on Victoria Beach. The tower (privately owned) is located next to the bluffs and is a means for accessing the home above. Upon seeing the ‘Pirate Tower’, I imagined Rapunzel throwing her hair down to the beach below. This tower was just so incredibly cool to see in person.

Laguna Beach has much to see and do. It is a great town to visit for a day or longer. Don’t forget the camera and flip flops. If it’s summer, be sure to pack the swim suit as well. Bon Voyage!

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