Downton Abbey Returns to the Big Screen


The Crawleys are back! This time the Crawleys are bigger than ever as they return to the big screen. Downton Abbey the Movie has made it’s way to movie theaters this September.

If a fan of the Downton Abbey series, head to the local movie theater for a treat by seeing the Crawley family on the big screen. It will not disappoint. The original cast, plus or minus a few, are back as if they have never left. The film takes place in 1927 England. We are drawn in by a steam engine and the following of an important letter that finally makes it’s way via vintage mail truck and then pedaled by bicycle to Downton. Once there, it is delivered and placed on a serving tray and carried by Mr. Barrow to The Earl of Grantham. This important letter announcing the upcoming stay of King George V and Queen Mary at none other than Downton Abbey sets the theme for the movie.

The period piece is full of fascinating old cars including a vintage mail truck that I thought wonderful. The women have bobbed their hair and put on long necklaces over gorgeous dresses. The staff are as feisty as ever and as always full of their own schemes. Of course the interior of Downton Abbey is as splendid as ever. All the scenery and costumes take one back to the twenties and able to imagine life as it was at the time. Even a movie goer who has not seen the series is sure to enjoy the movie.

Will there be another movie? Let’s hope so. But if there is still a desire for more Downton Abbey, maybe a trip to the real Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle is in order. Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England has been the setting for the series and movie. While the castle is still lived in by the Count and Countess of Carnarvon, tours are given of Highclere Castle on certain dates throughout the year. ( ) The Countess of Carnarvon’s new book, Christmas at Highclere Recipes and traditions from The Real Downton Abbey, might be a perfect holiday gift for a Downton fan.

So whether a fan of the series, a fan of period pieces, or just a loving spouse taking their beloved (who is a fan of the series) on a date night (THANKS HONEY!), head on out to see Downton Abbey and escape to another time for just one night. Enjoy the show!

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