Carpet Stains Be Gone!


Let’s face it, accidents do happen. Someone spills something on the carpet and now there is a stain. The carpet has lost it’s fresh, clean look. Don’t fear, with a few simple products it will be as good as new.

No need to buy fancy carpet products. Head to the pantry or grocery store isles for the best, non-chemical approach. Here’s how:

With an old sock or cloth, dab/pat the stain with club soda until as much of the stain is lifted as possible. Next, sprinkle common table salt over the damp area. Let the salt sit on the carpet for 24 hours. Vacuum this with a vacuum cleaner. The stain should be gone. If not, try the process again.

Believe it or not, this has worked on my daughter’s carpet removing black nail polish and many more mysterious stains. This method has removed stains that the carpet cleaning solution did not lift. The cost is minimal and no chemicals were added.

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