Making Gravy


Gravy has a reputation similar to that of macarons…difficult. Home chefs are always complaining of lumpy gravy. But is gravy really that difficult to make?

I do not normally make gravy, as I think it tends to be strong and overbearing. However, I was making a roast in the Crock Pot last night and had the urge to top it with gravy. Was I ever glad I did! Yum!

I chose to make my gravy with the juices from the roast in the Crock Pot. Gravy does not take long to make…about five minutes was all I needed. I gathered my ingredients…a tablespoon of margarine (or butter), two tablespoons of flour, and I ladled out one cup of broth, which had made with beef bouillon cubes and water, that had been cooking all day with the roast and seasoned with sage, thyme, and rosemary. I then got a small pot, a sieve, and a whisk and it was time to get started.

First, I strained the broth through a sieve to get rid of any fat or herbs that could cause lumps and set it aside. Next, I melted the margarine over medium heat and whisked in the flour until incorporated completely. Consistency of a light cookie dough. Then I poured in the broth and whisked constantly until smooth and creamy. Voila! It was as easy as that. This recipe was not strong and overbearing as those I have scraped off my food in restaurants. I was in love!

Put aside the canned version of gravy and give it a go. It takes little time and is not hard at all. Mine did not have a single lump. Bon Appetit!

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