My Take on Magpie Murders

Book Reviews

Like a good mystery? Why not give Magpie Murders a try. It is full of surprises and written in a way unlike I have ever seen before.

Anthony Horowitz, author of Magpie Murders, has an unusual concept in writing a murder within a murder. A two-for-one if you will. The novel, Magpie Murders, is written by the character Alan Conway in the book. The manuscript of Magpie Murders is given to editor Susan Ryeland to read. That is where the reader begins the book, seeing it through Susan’s eyes. Then, just as the reader is engrossed in the who-done-it, the manuscript ends and Susan is in search of the missing chapters and finds herself in a mystery of her own.

I found it an interesting way to write a book and was intrigued by this style. It left the reader yearning to solve one mystery only to start another and then come back to finish the first mystery. I also liked the setting, a small town in England. The suspects all knew each other or were connected in some way.

So, if looking for a new twist on who-done-its, why not give Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz a try. It will be sure to entertain and challenge with more than one mystery under it’s cover. Happy Reading!

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