Meditation…Not as Easy as it Sounds


Meditation is good for the soul and has been proven to have health benefits. Meditation helps a person to relax, reduce stress, reduce pain, and clear the mind. Meditation sounds easy enough. Just clear the head for a few minutes. Piece of cake right? Think again!

Meditation is a practice. That literally means it is something one needs to practice in order to get it right. Meditation sounds so simple. Sit cross-legged on a cushion, close the eyes, be at peace while listening to soothing music of waterfalls in the background. Easy enough…until the mind starts to drift and lose it’s focus. What will I make for dinner? I need to add bread to my shopping list. When I get done I need to… What was that noise? The list goes on.

So, yes, meditation takes practice. The idea is to clear all thoughts and focus on breathing. Listening to the breath. However, the mind wants to think of a million other things. This is normal. When meditating, one has to keep re-focusing back to the breath. After a while, it does get easier. At first, meditating for a short period of time is fine. Working up to a goal of, let’s say, ten minutes over time. Once able to become immerged in meditation, one becomes quite relaxed.

Meditation can be done anywhere. No cushion is needed. Sitting in a chair is fine. No background music is needed. Some prefer quiet in order to focus better. All that is needed is just a quiet place where one can focus on their breathing. It is absolutely free. It just requires a little patience and commitment. Practice makes perfect.

For more information on meditation check out the book 8 Minute Meditation by Victor Davich.

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