Learning French with Easy French Reader Plus CD


Having taken French in high school and college, I have a basic understanding of the language. However, it has been more than a few years since I have used it. Wanting to get on track and brush up on my skills, I decided to purchase an Easy French Reader complete with CD by R. de Roussy de Sales.

I was easily able to understand the first short stories in the reader. Yah! I then downloaded the CD and was able to hear the stories in French while following along with the text. I then decided to listen only without following the text. I could still understand, however, I felt I was lagging behind and really had to focus. Slow down already! Just kidding. It is great to be able to have the voice to follow at the speed needed to learn the language properly. My goal is to keep playing the CD and hopefully be able to get better at keeping up with the speed of the language.

I really like this reader and think that having the CD will help me with my pronunciation and listening skills. As I have been trying to learn German for a while, I am thinking of getting a German version as well. I think readers alone are good, however, the CD is the key for me. I got this Easy French Reader with CD used for around five dollars. Bargain! Au Revoir!

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