Sand and Sand Dollars


Today was not just another day at the beach. Today was an amazing day at the beach. We started out by getting the perfect parking spot and then a stroll on the beach looking for shells scored us not one but FIFTEEN sand dollars. Oh my!

After a while, a family with a teenager set up their spot nearby. The teenager headed to the water with sand pails in hand. She came back with her pails full of water from the ocean. She did this over and over throughout our time at the beach.

When my son came back from surfing, he mentioned a cool dolphin sculpted out of sand that he and his sister had passed on their way back. A little later, I decided to get up and check out the dolphin myself. Not only was there a REALLY nice dolphin, there were other sculptures as well. There was an animal, perhaps an otter, sticking it’s head up out of the sand, a shark fin, and another dolphin that was being worked on by the teenage girl at that very moment. She was very committed and talented indeed.

I payed her a compliment and then took a few photos of her work, which I will share here for others to enjoy. Every day at the beach is unique. Happy summer !

Cute animal
Shark fin

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