New Pineapple Sucker


After a pineapple is picked, the plant will no longer produce pineapples. However, the plant is still making offspring in the form of suckers. The suckers on the plant will produce a new pineapple. The legacy continues.

I picked a pineapple from one of my plants in late June. It is now the beginning of August and the plant has a sucker growing on it. These can be left on the plant or pulled off and replanted. I am going to leave this one on my plant due to its location. It is in the center area of the plant and, at this point, I feel that it is best to leave it be, as I do not want to harm the roots. In the past, if a sucker is growing on the side of the plant, I have pulled it off and re-planted with success.

New sucker developing

I now have seven pineapple plants in the garden. Two plants are developing fruit, one has a new sucker, and one was recently planted from the fruit of a pineapple picked in June. The pineapple family is growing. Aloha!

New fruit
Another new fruit
Top planted from recently picked fruit

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