Growing Avocado Trees


Many years ago, I started an avocado tree from the seed of a store bought avocado. Why? It seemed interesting. My mother also found this interesting and since she likes avocados, gave it a try as well.

I saved the seed from an avocado. I then took 3 toothpicks and poked them into the sides of the seed so that it could be put into a cup to sprout roots. It is important for the avocado seed’s bottom (flatter end) to be placed in the water and the top (pointier end) kept dry and above water. As the roots and plant form, the seed will crack and shed it’s outer layer. This is normal. Keep changing out the water daily, so the plant has fresh water. If the roots get too long, a bigger cup may be necessary.

My avocado experiment – avocado seeds in various stages
avocado shoot and root form

When the plant has grown to about 10 inches, it is time to plant in soil. If fruit is desired, planting two avocado trees would be suggested for pollination purposes. Be sure to put a wire cage around the plant to protect it from animals. It will be vulnerable at this stage. I also recommend staking the plant, as it will be subject to snapping with such a thin stem/trunk. Be sure to cover the tree in the winter months if frost is in the forecast. The addition of a citrus fruit fertilizer will also be helpful to the growth of the tree.

My avocado tree did not survive because I did not have a cage around it, as I now suggest would be a wise idea. Rabbits find the young leaves delightful. I decided at the time to stick to pineapples. However, my mother’s two avocado plants did survive and one is now fruiting. How exciting! So, growing your own avocado plant can work, just be sure to protect it from rabbits or other hungry animals when it is young.

Mom’s avocado tree

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