I’ve Decided to Grow Papaya


My husband and I were walking around the garden displays at the county fair when the California Rare Fruit Growers booth caught our eye. We meandered over and looked at the display. Of course, this was due to the fact that I grow pineapples.

The lady manning the booth addressed us and we talked of my pineapples. She then suggested I try growing papaya. Papaya, according to her, are easy to grow and do not take long to grow fruit. She was very pleasant and even encouraged me to join the group at their meetings.

To tell the truth, I have never bought a papaya before. So, the other day while at the store, I found a papaya and purchased it with the intent of using the seeds to grow papaya of my own. I sliced the papaya open and scooped out the seeds. (The papaya, by the way, was delicious.) Then I squeezed the seeds out of their little casings and put them in a strainer to rinse them off and set them on a paper towel to dry.

papaya seeds drying

Now on to the planting. Papaya seeds need to be planted in groups in order to be certain the correct sex is planted as the seeds come in male, female, and bisexual. Five seeds seem to be the suggested amount, so I went with that and planted a few pots.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the papaya seeds. Until then, happy gardening.

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