Monarch Butterflies Come to the Garden

caterpillar eating milkweed

It is a sunny July day in So Cal and we have spotted caterpillars on one of our plants. These are not the brown fuzzy caterpillars I enjoyed watching as a child. These caterpillars are stripped yellow, white, and black and will turn into Monarch Butterflies.


The caterpillars are busily eating away at the milkweed on our plants. However, I spotted another interesting little something on my way in the front door. Attached to the side of the house is a chrysalis. That means we have a butterfly forming inside this chrysalis. The caterpillars crawl away from the plant when it is time to form the chrysalis in a safe environment. According to research, the butterfly is developing inside the chrysalis for 9 to 14 days. Since I do not know how long this chrysalis has been there, I will have to keep an eye on it’s development. How exciting!

our butterfly plant

There are a few Monarchs fluttering about the garden now. It is nice to know that soon there will be more. As with the birds in our garden, if you give them what they need they will come.

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