Latest Pineapple Offspring Ready to Plant


My latest home grown pineapple top is ready to be planted. It will, in turn, produce another pineapple and shoots for more pineapple plants. The family tree is growing.

My latest pineapple was picked on June 27th. I twisted off the top and placed it in a glass jar with water in order to establish it’s roots. Today, I was happy to see that the roots were coming along nicely and I am ready to get my pineapple top into the soil.

pulling off bottom row of leaves/
white roots coming in

First, I pulled off the bottom row of leaves that were looking a bit brown. This is normal and it is perfectly fine to pull off a row or two of leaves. In doing so, it gives a little more body to plant in the soil as well. My pineapple top is actually quite small, as home grown pineapples tend to be smaller than those purchased in the store. Next, I take a small clay pot and fill it with potting soil and put the roots and bottom into the soil. I am sure to put a wire cage around the pot as rabbits will be interested in the pineapple tops when they are little. Once grown up a bit the cage can be removed.

freshly planted
behind cage for protection

I will keep the new tops nice and moist until they are established a bit and then cut back on the watering to once or twice a week. Pineapples do not like to be over-watered. Now I wait. Hopefully, you will see a post from me in the not too distant future of a pineapple being ready to harvest. Aloha!

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