Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


Do I speak German? No, however, I am trying to learn. I have the best of intentions and think that what I say sounds German, however, apparently my pronunciation needs some work. Maybe I’m a bad student…

Why you might ask, do I want to speak German in the first place? Do I have a trip planed in the near future? No. It started when my son started taking German in high school. I thought, “Wouldn’t this be a great time to learn a new language as well. We could learn together. ” However, when he skipped a semester and I was clearly left in the dust, I began to wonder. Then there was incentive to learn due to the fact that we were to host an exchange student. Wouldn’t it be great if I could practice my German and make the exchange student feel more at home? However, when I did try a little German on the student, he had no idea what I was talking about. Oh my!

So far, I am using Duolingo (an on-line language program) and Tiny Cards (on-line flash cards) to learn German. I really do like these programs. I wish, however, I could choose which vocabulary I want to learn on Duolingo. Right now I can tell someone that pigs eat potatoes and beetles eat bread, however, I’m not sure when I would ever really need to tell anyone this. While I think the on-line programs are good, I do think a classroom course would work better for me, as I need to be held accountable for my studies. After all, the German book I purchased is getting a little dusty sitting on the coffee table. Truthfully, I need to spend more time on my lessons than I have been.

While I may not be understood or able to say all that I would like, I can read some German. For me, it is easier to read than to speak the language. Of course, it would help if I knew a few persons fluent in German that would not mind my practicing on them. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Perhaps this summer would be a good time to make some lesson plans, spend a little more time at my lessons by scheduling it into my day, and try to break some ground. Bis später!

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