Just Another Day at the Beach


Ah summer! Schools out, the sun is out, and the sand is warm on your feet. Just another day at the beach in So-Cal.

What would a good summer be without a little sunshine and salt air. It’s time to hit the beach! Hitting the beach means a bit of prepping first in order to ensure a good day is had. After all, no one wants to get to the beach and realize (like I did one time) that they forgot the beach towels. Oh my!

My packing list usually includes a beach blanket, a beach chair with clip on umbrella, beach towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, beach shoes, lunch cooler with food, water, boogie boards, surf board, frisbee, a good book, music with headphones, and a badminton set. Oh, and the cart to hall it all to the sand. Is there still room for passengers?

Living in So-Cal there are plenty of beaches to choose from. The dogs even have their own beach here. My family has two go-to beach spots. It is nice to have a particular beach that you are comfortable with. By going to the same beach it builds a tradition that in turn builds great summer memories.

A favorite thing of mine to do at the beach is to listen to the ocean and take in mother nature. I also love to watch the groups of pelicans fly by. I find them simply fascinating. I can never get enough of these large birds flying in uniform overhead. I do not, however, enjoy the seagulls hovering about while I’m trying to enjoy my lunch. Hooray for the little boy who likes to chase them away! I’m with you kid! I also like to take a walk on the beach and look for seashells. It’s like treasure hunting, hoping to find a beautiful shell or sand dollar still intact.

Boogie boarding is awesome fun when you find that perfect wave to take you speeding into shore, not to mention a great way to cool off. My son tried to teach me to surf, but I never got to my feet. I think that will take much more time than the one day I gave it so far. Some day….

Of course, the beach is enjoyable year round, however, summer brings out the best in the beach. When you return home and shake off all the sand, don’t forget to treat yourself to another summer favorite, ice cream. Perhaps a Fudgsicle or ice cream sandwhich to top off the day. Yum!

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