My Take on The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Book Reviews

I am not a cat person. I prefer dogs. Having said this, I would not normally choose to read a book written from a cat’s perspective. However, this was a gift and being a book lover, I give most all books a chance, so I put it in my reading pile.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles written by Hiro Arikawa from Tokyo, is written from the perspective of Nana, a stray cat. Nana has a crooked tail, which in Japan is a sign of good fortune and an attraction to the man who finds him. The two set off on a traveling adventure across Japan with a specific mission in mind, which unfolds throughout the story. The setting of Japan was particularly interesting on the journey throughout the book. Not wanting to give too much of the story away, I will say that it deals with friendship, love, loyalty, life, and culture.

Arikawa had me hooked pretty quickly into the book and I found it a pleasant and fast read. While I probably would not have picked this book on my own, I ended up liking it right away and would recommend it to readers. The Travelling Cat Chronicles will definitely pull at your heart strings be you a cat lover or a dog lover.

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