Bringing Birds to your Garden


Birds are quite interesting and each have a personality all their own. Besides their personalities, their looks are also quite unique. Bringing different types of bird to your garden can bring one much happiness and entertainment.

How then do you get these birds to come to your garden and actually want to hang around for a while? The answer is quite simple really. Give them what they desire and they will come.

In my garden, I have a standard birdfeeder as well as a whimsical bird sized tire swing filled with sunflower seeds that draw many birds to feed. I also have a bluebird house made especially for bluebirds to build nests in to raise their families. The bluebird house was made and gifted to me by my husband. He made it so that it can be opened and cleaned out after nesting season is over. This is the third season the house has been up and we have had nesters each season. It is always exciting to see the babies pop their heads out of the hole. Also, in our tree I have a small hanging bird bath for the birds to drink fresh water. I like this bird bath a lot as it is easy to remove and clean. Most recently, I have added a finch sock to attract finches to our garden. Hummingbirds are also welcome in our garden not only with a feeder but with flowers that attract them to our yard.

Feeders need to be cleaned regularly to help maintain healthy birds and refilled as needed. The bird baths should be cleaned and filled with fresh water daily. I clean my glass bird bath with baking soda. Bird houses should be cleaned out only when the family is no longer using it for the season.

It is nice to position your bird station near a window where you can sit in a cozy chair with a cup of coffee and relax while watching their activities. Having it near a patio is also nice, especially if you like to photograph the birds. If they feel safe and have what they desire birds will come and enjoy your garden and you can enjoy them as well.

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