Getting Rid of Pesky Weeds


While rains are a welcome sight, the weeds they help produce are not. The question is, how to rid your yard of those pesky weeds without pouring unwanted toxins into the soil?

There are a few solutions. For large areas, the weed whacker can trim them away. However, this method does not get to the root of the matter. To do this the tried and trusted hoe must be used to dig up the soil and the roots. Then a good raking to take up the weeds will leave a nice clean yard.

Weeds growing in cracks or in areas with stone or mulch can be sprayed using a spray bottle filled with vinegar. Vinegar can be bought in one gallon jugs in any grocery store. Another item from the grocery store that can be used is table salt. Table salt (about 8 ounces) put into a spray bottle and filled with water can also be applied to the weeds. Just be careful not to get the vinegar or the salt solution close to plants you want to keep as it will kill or damage them as well.

For some weeds (you know the ones) it is just easier to put on the garden gloves and pull them out by the roots. This is especially true of the tall weeds that you should have pulled a few weeks ago.

When you get to the point where your weeds are under control, it will be just about time for another good rain to bring on another round. Don’t let this discourage you. Put your garden gloves on, grab your spray bottle, and get back in the ring.

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